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FFT: WotL changes

 05.31.2012 3:49pm
Thread Creator

with a Z

I bought the new FFT about a year ago when I got my PSP but never really got around to playing it. Well I picked it up again about a month ago and have been going through and there's some changes that come up that aren't in the original. Obviously the updated script, cutscenes, animation lag, etc are all there and what I knew about before. The new character Luso is a nice addition but nothing too great.  JP trick and sword duping is gone which is understandable.

One thing that really took me by surprise was the fact that I can't steal the Genji equipment from Elmdor. Is there any way to acquire this gear in the game now? I was still able to learn Ultima from the assassins but I just learned Luso can learn it as well. Aside from the end battles, are there any new encounters that have enemies using Ultima so I can fufill the perfectionist in me and get Luso that spell?

I haven't really seen any other largely surprsing moments in the game up until now but if there are any other major changes in the game what should I keep my eye out for? Also is the Deep Dungeon still the same or did they screw with that too?

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 05.31.2012 4:29pm

Time Travelling White Mage

From what I remember, SE changed it so that Elmdor's equipment can't be stolen anymore in FFT:TLW. Instead, Masamune is apparently gained in one of the new multiplayer bar mission battles (I can't remember which one), along with other rare equipment, like the Chaos Blade or whatever weird name they changed it to.

It seems a great deal of the best gear in the game has been switched into that stupid multiplayer mode sadly (Onion equipment in particular).

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 05.31.2012 4:50pm

Free Spirit
Zetta Member

You can have Ramza teach Luso Ultima, and vice versa, so as long as one of them learned it, you're fine.

There's an added sidequest involving Beowulf and Reis towards the end of the game where you win the Genji Armor, and can steal the Masamune. There's no way to get the Genji Gloves, Helm, or Shield unless you do the multiplayer battles from the pub. There's actually a whole slew of new items that can only be gotten from multiplayer, which really sucks since there's no way to do the multiplayer quests without another game and another PSP.  EDIT:  I should mention that the only old items that are no longer available the normal way are the above-mentioned Genji Gear.  All other items from the original can be gotten the same way as before.

Deep Dungeon's the same.

There are a handful of new battles added throughout the game, most of which you'll automatically fight(like the new Delita/Ovelia battles and the new Argath battle), and one involves going to the right place during the story to fight it, and is missable(although there's nothing to really miss item-wise if you miss it). This is the new battle against Cletienne where you have to walk over Gariland Magic City while returning to Eagrose Castle to confront Dycedarg for the final time.

The other new battles are the one to get Balthier, the ones involving Beowulf and Reis, and a new battle at the Brigand's Den. All of these are available at the end of the game, so you don't have to worry about missing them.

Also, there's a new item called Tynar Rouge which you can only get by keeping Alicia and Lavian from the beginning of the game, and Mustadio and Agrias. In Chapter 4 you can activate the cutscene that gets you the Tynar Rouge by first accumulating 500,000 gil, then walking over any city on Agrias's birthday. The Tynar Rouge is very good, so you don't want to miss this item.

Two new classes - Onion Knight and Dark Knight. Onion Knight is unlocked by getting a level 6 Squire and level 6 Chemist. It sucks at first, but for every mastered job class it gains a stat boost. Once you've mastered every single job class, the Onion Knight is incredibly powerful. But still sucks, since it can't use any abilities at all. The Dark Knight is unlocked by getting a level 8 Dragoon, Samurai, Geomancer, and Ninja, AND completely mastering Black Mage and Knight AND having that character crystallize at least 20 enemies.

I think that's about it. Oh, and you'll notice characters no longer say little blurbs randomly when casting spells and using abilities. Don't know why they took this out, but they did. So no more awesome quotes like "Layer upon layer, make your mark now! Haste!" :(

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 05.31.2012 5:59pm


BTW, if your PSP has custom firmware (which is stupidly easy and risk-free to have these days), you can install a fanmade patch that gets rid of the animation lag. I wish I had the link off-hand, but search around for it.

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 05.31.2012 7:03pm

Crono can cross dimensions too!

The one site I know it's one is a wharez site so I don't think I'll dance with the devil and post the link... it'll have to stay in the shadows for now. 

...hint wink nudge.

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